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Being introduced to Maggie by a mutual friend was like having the light turned on webmastering, a tricky art.

She’s very quick to grasp exactly what I want, and understands good design, simplicity and balance, less is more. And, she cares! Her inputs are many and valuable.

Talking to Maggie on email or by the old-fashioned blower is a rewarding experience, it’s relaxing to know she’s on my side and thinking of improvements to my site with wit and wisdom.

Maggie clocks in so fast, it’s like she’s reading my mind and knows exactly where I’m heading and the market I’m aiming for, magic!

I have two right hands and they’re both called Maggie!

Brendan Finucane
Real Lanzarote

Maggie has been an absolute joy to work with. She uncovered the essence of what I wanted with ease, bringing depth and atmosphere to the simplicity I desired.

Maggie is a very good listener and her communication is clear and she’s full of ideas and creative possibilities.

She also made me realise that the making of the website could be an interesting and fun process where nothing is written in stone and where  we as partners could work together to get the best result.

Birgitte Nystrøm

Working with Maggie on the revamp of my website was excellent. She has great instincts and attention to detail, and great flair. She was extremely intuitive and on point about what content I should jettison and what I should keep and about the general message my site needed to portray. She’s brilliant.

Annie Siddons
Playwright Performer

Maggie was a dream to work with: calm, efficient, a careful listener, a great problem solver – and fun. She completed the job quickly for a reasonable price. Most important, she doesn’t talk “computer” talk.

Kerry Shale
Actor, V/O Artist

Maggie has created a fantastically fresh, appealing and professional website for my Pilates business. From the beginning, it was clear that Maggie could intuitively pick up the essentials of what the business was about, what image I wanted to create and what message I wanted to bring across.

Her professionalism, creativity and intuition reflect in the final result, with which I am absolutely delighted.

Maggie has been incredibly helpful and accommodating, and her warm personality makes working with her a great pleasure.

Andrea Hill
Pilates Teacher, Pilates@no.15

I am thrilled with the website that Maggie has built for me. It is deceptively simple, but has an elegance and flair about it, and a clarity and ease of use that I love. It achieves everything I wanted.

Maggie was a joy to work with, a wise, patient listener, bubbling with all sorts of creative ideas to help me achieve a web presence I could be proud of.

The reaction of my agents could not be more positive.

“stylish but simple and clear, really like it, Maggie’s done a brill job”
Lucia Pallaris @United Agents

“GAVE ME CHILLS!!!!! It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Marsha McManus Principal Entertainment LA

Say no more!

Dermot Crowley

I am a card carrying technophobe so the thought of designing a website was a daunting one. But I can honestly say that working with Maggie was the most pleasurable experience from beginning to end.

She’s that rare combination of technological skill and expertise with real emotional intelligence and a fluent and gifted communicator.

The job of distilling what you do and who you are into a website is no mean feat but Maggie, who is a great listener, was not only able to put herself into my shoes but also into my potential clients’ shoes. She supported me patiently and guided me gently every step of the way, never imposing her taste but giving valuable advice when needed with a truly light touch.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result and I can’t recommend Maggie highly enough…and she is a genuinely lovely human being.

Kate O’Connell
Therapeutic Life Coach

Maggie has been supporting our school developing our website for many years. Maggie is very knowledgeable and very quick and efficient at developing sections of our site as and when needed.

She was the driving force behind the complete redesign of our website. I would absolutely recommend her services.

Jane Evans
Head Teacher, Orleans Primary School

As our whole business is the provision of commercial internet services, our web sites are of fundamental importance. Maggie has been working with us for several years, and has essentially had total responsibility for the “look and feel” of these sites, working closely both with our marketing team and our software developers.

Her professionalism and the quality of her work has been outstanding.

Dr Ian Galbraith
Managing Director

Maggie has the perfect combination of technical skill and creativity.

Added to that, she took the time to really understand my vision for the business, and came up with lots of great design ideas and valuable advice around how my website could best market my business.

I am very pleased with my new website, and would highly recommend Maggie and her work.

Alison Aldrich-Blake
Director, AAB Accounting Services Ltd.

Maggie has been a saviour – stepping in at short notice to get my new website up and running. She took the design I had, suggested some excellent additions and refinements, and then set it up. Through this she was a joy to work with – calm, generous with her ideas, quick, and very competent.

I shall be continuing to use her skills for the next website changes and improvements that I am considering.

Dr Alison Armstrong
Present Minds

Maggie designed a website for my work as a director and writer in TV, film and commercials. She listened closely to my needs, offering suggestions and bringing it all together. I have had the site for a number of years and often have to update it with new material.

Maggie is always happy to help and a pleasure to work with. Maggie is both a great website designer and a lovely person – the perfect combination! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Stewart Sugg
Sugg Films Limited

Everyone was telling me I needed a website. I was very resistant. All my skills are verbal, instinctive and “face to face”. The idea of trying to collate those active, diverse and creative skills on to a 2 dimensional visual medium seemed alien to me.

Maggie brilliantly and patiently listened to my ramblings and turned them into something beautiful, fun and 3 dimensional. She interpreted my creative expressions and honed them down in to something legible and meaningful.

Maggie has so much experience and is so skillful she makes it look easy. Her fingers positively dance across that keyboard! Nothing is a problem or too much trouble. She is sensitive, creative and fun to work with!

I now miss not being able to work on my website with her. So much so I am now creating another one with her! ‘Rebecca Lacey – Actor‘.

Rebecca Harrison
Life coach