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As our whole business is the provision of commercial internet services, our web sites are of fundamental importance. Maggie has been working with us for over thirteen years, as a key member of our team, and has had essentially total responsibility over that period for the “look and feel” of our site (which is extensive and complex) – for its design, construction, maintenance and management.

She works closely with our software developers and our marketing team, generating product development and marketing ideas and contributing in depth to the fulfilment of these ideas. Her responsibilites included managment of our development program.

Her professionalism, commitment, and the quality of her work has been outstanding. I can recommend her unreservedly.

Dr. Ian Galbraith

Managing Director,


Freelance Producer, 2001-2014 pioneered the provision of genealogical database services on the web. My role involved developing and producing this extensive and complex website, including:

  • Responsibility for management, UI design, construction, and maintenance of the site.
  • Managing development programme, liaising with software developers, data providers and genealogists, including managing SEO and Analytics
  • Developing and maintaining social media and marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, press releases, subscriber newsletters and discussion forums.
  • Developing and maintaining extensive genealogical content for family history and academic researchers.
  • User support resolving content and interface issues.
  • Graphic development of brand online and in print.